daVinci Retail Planning on the Cloud – The Time is Now!

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Why would you move from Excel spreadsheets when we have so many other issues?

We are experiencing an unprecedented time in history. Covid-19 is all any of us can focus on. Cities across the nation are on lockdown. Malls are closed and people are only shopping from the comfort of their homes. So you are thinking, why should I continue to read this article?

The time to plan is now. Your inventory challenges are extraordinary. How can you reopen your business in the coming weeks when you are faced with aging merchandise in your stores, uncertainty with what’s on order and what Open to Buy (OTB) you really have or should have? You’ll likely be going through multiple scenarios. How agile is your planning process? How quickly can you update your plans to account for Spring/Summer and Holiday seasons when visibility is key.

daVinci Merchandise Financial Planning is a software application that gives retailers the ability to develop and manage their strategic financial merchandising goals. Instead of working in individual spreadsheets that are not accessible to anyone else, your planning team needs a centralized planning cloud solution. As remote work gains momentum, it’s critical that your team can plan from anywhere and at any time, while you stay abreast of progress and maintain real-time visibility of everyone’s plans at any level. This level of agility and enterprise visibility is critical as you assess everyone’s plans and how they will impact strategy, buying, and managing inventory levels to drive profitability and maximize inventory turns for every channel of your business.

  • Analyze past results and current strategic direction to construct your merchandise financial plan by each of your channels with visibility to the top hierarchy levels.
  • Identify category opportunities to increase or decrease based on new trends holiday less formal more casual?
  • Model what-if scenarios and multiple versions to keep track of conservative or aggressive strategies to achieve your financial goals.

We want to help you and your team be productive and work together collaboratively, even while remote, as you embark on your reiterative planning cycles to determine the best course of action for the business. Talk to us to find out how you can leverage technology to compete in these unprecedented times.

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