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Why are you still on Google Sheets or Excel?

Change is hard.

No one argues that repeatedly using spreadsheets and manually entering data is a bad idea. The main reason that businesses still rely on Excel spreadsheets and manual data input is simple: It’s what they’ve always done, and changing to a new model—and asking your teams to adopt something new and different from the tools they’ve always known—is hard. What if they don’t like it? What if we invest in a tool and no one uses it? We’ll have wasted our money and we’ll still have the same problems with manual data entry, including unproductive staff and a high risk of costly data entry errors.

Those fears are real. That’s why finding the right solution that mitigates the change management risks is critical.

daVinci Buy Right: Created by Retailers, for Retailers

At daVinci, we’ve walked a mile—probably a few marathons, actually—in your users’ shoes. We know what it’s like to rely on something comfortable and familiar and to be afraid of trying something new—even when everything about the new thing screams, “it’s better!”

That’s why we created a solution specifically for retailers—to mitigate change management fears and ensure a smooth transition. Our clients report a 100% user adoption rate, and we regularly hear from users who tell us that the application is intuitive and easy-to-use.

The daVinci Buy Management System isn’t just an automated data management solution that helps reduce data entry; it’s built specifically to help retailers implement and maintain the standard, repeatable, and measurable best practices, using a familiar interface.

It gives you:

  • Better visibility into your data and the ability to make faster decisions.
  • A faster, more automated way to enter and share data.
  •  The ability to plan, manage and track your buys.
  •  A central database to manage your information in real-time.

Make faster and more accurate decisions—save time and money

The Buy Management System and its central database ensure every required user has the same access to, and is working from, the same data; where each system, from Merchandise financial planning to PO to historical data, talks to the other, and the results are consistent, accurate and always current. You’ll have greater visibility into data and the ability to use that data to make better, faster decisions.

And you can generate on-demand reports directly within the Buy Management System that pull data from the integrated platforms, giving you full visibility into your data without having to jump back and forth between systems.

Manual tasks that require access to multiple platforms are now streamlined: your buyers can commit buys within the Buy Management System, including sending information directly to the PO system without having to enter it again.

That reduction in your manual data entry efforts naturally reduces the risk of data error, and can improve profits between 2%-5% while increasing productivity by as much as 25%.

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Organization-wide collaboration

Your retail business will see even further benefits with the daVinci Buy Management System:

• With your buying information housed within a centralized database, you increase synergy between systems (such as purchase order and merchandise planning) and your teams, from design and planning to buying and allocation partners and your additional sales channels.
• With a buy management system in place, instead of data entry, your team can focus on doing the work you hired them for, analyzing trends and actually buying.
• With all of the data in the same place, updated in real-time, they have the visibility they need to make better decisions—and can make those decisions faster than ever.
• As a manager, you’ll have easier access to data, clearer reports, and better visibility into what your staff is working on and how their buying decisions are

When you add in the additional bonus of a happier and more engaged team, the potential benefits of a buy management system are clear.

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Your team deserves a better solution

Manual data entry is draining the life of your best employees, but it’s not too late to reverse course. daVinci’s Buy Management System will reduce the manual tasks your team does every day and introduce automated processes and best practice standards that help them initiate better buys, faster. It will also help you build a more engaged workforce and positively impact your bottom line.

To learn more about daVinci’s Buy Management System and how it helps retailers like you improve productivity and profits, book a briefing with us today!

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