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Retail Analytics and forecasting play a vital role in merchandise planning, helping retailers estimate future business demand with precision.

By leveraging historical data and advanced algorithms, our forecasting solutions provide valuable insights into future trends. With this information, you can optimize your planning strategies, boost inventory productivity, and enhance customer satisfaction by ensuring timely availability of the right products.

Accurate forecasting enables you to predict customer demand effectively, resulting in optimal inventory levels. Avoiding excess inventory minimizes overhead costs, while preventing understock situations prevents sales losses. By meeting customer demands with precision, our forecasting solutions help retailers maximize profitability and achieve long-term growth.

Make informed decisions about inventory management, cash flow, and growth plans with our comprehensive and data-driven approach to retail analytics and forecasting.


  • More accuracy of sales projections to satisfy customer demand
  • Better cash flow management that would otherwise be tied up in excess inventory
  • Supports more precise merchandise planning and supply chain decisions

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demand planning with clusters


daVinci’s Clustering application is a demand planning software for retail store clustering to create groupings, also known as clusters for different product levels using various inputs. These inputs can be product attribute, seasonality, location, or customer attribute, for one or a combination number of performance metrics (e.g., sales dollars, sales units, and gross margin).

The application uses embedded science and automation to deliver:

  1. your pre-specified number of clusters that best meets your business objectives, or
  2. the calculated optimal number of clusters that best fits the historical data you supplied for the analysis.

The Clustering app’s output can be used within the daVinci Assortment Planning, or in other enterprise tools such as Pricing, or Allocation and Replenishment.

daVinci Assortment Planning can take clustering results from this app directly and as frequently as necessary to create unique assortments at any product level. For example, a store can be an “A” for jeans, but “B” for boots, and “C” for leggings, and a “D” for accessories for winter with a completely different profile for summer.


  • Provide scientifically precise store clusters
  • Automatic connections to daVinci Assortment Planning to leverage application’s output
  • Can be utilized by other external systems that can benefit from retail store clustering capabilities

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Retail cluster

Size Profiling

Buying the right sizes from the start reduces the retailer’s reliance on size optimization after the inventory is already in DC or, worse yet, with no inventory to allocate. Here, one size doesn’t fit all.

daVinci’s Size Profiling provides advanced retailers business intelligence and insight they need to determine ideal size curves, a key component to determining the right buy quantities.

Done in the plan setup phase, the planner/allocator/data analyst can access four key data components needed to determine standard size curves.

The tool provides the ability to segment selling data, allowing the planner to view the information in weekly progressions for selling and sell-through curves, simultaneously displaying the number of stores with sales and the number of stores with on-hand inventory by size.

Aligned with groupings of stores and/or channels (buy clusters), the tool provides an easy assessment of variances in size selling patterns to ensure the optimal selling % to define your specific buy curves.


  • Provides instant access and visibility to critical BI insight needed to determine Buy Size Curves
  • increases team productivity with preloaded standard size curves
  • More accurate size curves improve buy quantification accuracy

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Productivity Tools

Vendor Line List Importer

One of the more time-consuming aspects of buying is the keying and often re-keying vendor information needed to process a buy/purchase order. This manual and often error-prone repetitive task can be eliminated with daVinci’s Vendor Line List Importer.

Reduce the need to manually key all the item information with Vendor Line List Importer.

Users have the ability to select from a vendor’s complete line list. Build your buy plans with placeholders. When the vendor line list is available, simply connect the item to your placeholder to get all the product information at the click of a button while preserving the planning you’ve already done.


  • Reduce rekeying
  • Increase merchant productivity
  • Reduce errors
  • Ensure consistent product information readiness for PO execution

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Retail Buyer and Planner working on computer using daVinci's Buy Management Software for Retailers

Buy Plan Importer

Since you can start buying with daVinci at any time in your buy cycle, you can use Buy Plan Importer to bring in work you’ve already done before daVinci. To ease the transition from your existing buy sheet, Buy Plan Importer gives you a quicker way to import your existing buy plan information into daVinci.

You can import previous buy plans so you can see your buys roll up to a complete quarter or season, or year for a holistic picture. Once imported, you can leverage all of the features and functions in daVinci, including Reporting and Analytics.


  • Reduces rekeying
  • Increases team productivity
  • Reduces errors
  • Provides holistic reporting and analytics capabilities for buy plans built outside of daVinci

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Mobile Apps

Mobile Analytics

Reduce voluminous paper printouts and take your daVinci retail analytics with you on your Apple or Android tablet.


  • Provide team with up to date information at your fingertips and on the go
  • Increase team productivity
  • Facilitate and streamline decision making
  • Reduce waste, environmentally friendly

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Customer window shopping using her phone, interested in product assortment and fashion retail

Mobile Buyer Market Ideas

Take daVinci to market and capture information about vendors and products on your Apple or Android tablet or smartphone.

Mobile Buyer Market Ideas Apps let you take daVinci with you so that buyers can be productive at the market, and managers can always be up-to-date.

Take photos and make notes on the fly to capture product information you can refer to later.

Import your information directly into daVinci Buying or daVinci Assortment Planning to reduce duplicate data entry.


  • Capture information at market while on the go
  • Facilitate buy decisions integrating market trip notes
  • Increase team productivity

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