eBook: Why product attributes are important

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In our dynamic and ever changing retail environment, many retailers are unaware there is a treasure trove hidden within their existing data. Retailers are constantly looking to leverage different data collection methods to ‘better know their customer’. Customer relationship marketing, focus groups, customer surveys, website analytics – the list is endless. Yet often times, it’s right there under their noses.

By leveraging an often overlooked or under-utilized data management method, retailers can assist their merchant teams with critical information on ‘what was purchased’, and just as importantly – what was not. The insight paves the way to making better, more informed decisions for your upcoming selling seasons.

More importantly, this insight can be leveraged beyond the merchant’s desk, right across the organization. Imagine the ability to ensure your merchandise strategies are executed in your buy decisions, or to help prioritize logistics deliveries, ensure allocation teams coordinate product arrival to stores, optimize website product location and visibility, even help store teams increase sales. The possibilities for improvement are staggering.

This e-book explores the often talked about, but typically nebulous topic of product attributes.

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William Booth
William BoothBusiness Solution Architect at daVinci Retail
Bill has over 30 years of experience in merchandise and assortment planning, allocation, supply chain and system implementation experience in retail. Prior to joining daVinci Retail, Bill served in various senior executive roles at retailers including Gloria Jeans and Northern Group. His extensive buying and planning experience extends to Kinney Shoes, Walmart, and Footlocker.
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