Imagine an environment

In which merchant teams are inspired to buy assortments tailored for their customers using science applied through their artistic vision.

What is buy management?

A complete set of solutions that allow your merchants to buy the right quantity at the right time for the right customer, within the financial constraints set by management and your planning staff.

This technology solution helps you manage your buying process, from merchandise financial planning through purchase order.

Replace Spreadsheets With a Powerful Set of Purpose-Built Applications

  • Reduces the complexities of assortment planning which greatly facilitates user adoption – the application works the way buyers work.

  • Provides true Bottom Up planning allows for the artistic creation of product assortments.

  • Improves team productivity by more than 25% by eliminating duplicate manual tasks and reducing errors prone in worksheets.

  • Flexibility to plan for changing customer behaviors by channels or at company levels.

  • Flexibility to plan for changing customer behaviors, by channel or at any aggregated company levels or use our dynamic planning capabilities.

  • Built in what if scenarios that stores multiple plan versions.

  • Breaks down organization silos and brings your merchandise team together.

  • True collaborative platform where art meets science to ensure opportunities aren’t missed.

  • Buy right from the start: Visualize and examine your buys from every angle before they hit your DC or stores.

daVinci is for teams

Everyone involved in the merchandise planning and buying process benefits from daVinci, from planners and buyers, to the managers and IT professionals who support them.

Trusted by Top Retailers from Around the World

Spotlight: GUESS? Inc.

Learn how GUESS? Inc. increased profits and improved productivity by adopting daVinci as its buy management system.

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