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Increase competitive advantage with artificial intelligence and advanced analytics

daVinci Buy Management System uses the power of machine learning to make buyers and inventory more productive.

A unique assortment for each customer touchpoint

Personalize the customer experience – even in stores.

  • Multiple dimensions – cluster stores by sales volume, geographic area, climate, currency and more.

  • Feed the right stores – buy the perfect product mix for each store without the need for tedius location planning.

  • Precise buy quantity – daVinci instantly calculates a precise quantity for each item based on which clusters are selected.

  • Allocation roadmap – simplify allocation by making allocation decisions before buys are committed.

A powerful management dashboard

Stay up to date on the information that matters most with an intuitive, customizable dashboard.

  • Open to buy status – get a real-time overview of committed vs. outstanding buys.

  • Approval management – ensure you never fall behind on approvals again.

  • DC delivery status – see what’s on order and what’s been delivered to your distribution centres.

  • Top selling items – stay connected to your customers with current information on what they’re buying most.

In-depth data on demand

See your business in greater detail than ever before with advanced analytics.

  • Multidimensional analysis – view data across multiple dimensions, e.g. product attributes, store attributes and time.

  • On-demand data – run reports when you need them and get the latest figures.

Don’t let your business fall behind

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