Fundamentals of Assortment Planning 1: Introduction

  • Assortment Planning
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While merchandise planning is the strategic roadmap for retailers to anticipate customer demand, then plan the inventory they need to meet that demand while satisfying the company’s financial objectives.

Assortment planning and buying is the vehicle in which these financial objectives can be met through effective buying practices.

Hundreds of assortment planning and buying decisions are made every day by your merchant and planning teams, from the initial product concept through to the point of sale. Each decision needs to marry creativity and insight with careful thought informed by data.

Learn the fundamentals of assortment planning with this video series.

Introduction to Assortment Planning

  • Learn what is assortment planning, and why retailers need it
  • Get an overview of the assortment planning process
Melanie Tomaselli
Melanie TomaselliVP Customer Success
With over 20 years of experience in the retail technology industry as a Director of Consulting and Project Manager with both JDA Arthur and Oracle Retek, Melanie has held various positions in leadership. Her experience has been invaluable in application implementations, user training, project planning, methodology development, consulting, and managing the central US services team. Melanie has been part of the daVinci team from the beginning, guiding the business analysis and assisting in the design of daVinci’s signature product, Assortment Planning.
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