Omnichannel Merchandising Strategy

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Omni-channel Merchandising strategy or your Assortment planning touches many processes and initiatives across a retail organization. It is a critical success factor in any retail enterprise. Learn how the right assortment planning tool can help you achieve your strategic goals.

Improve Profit 2 to 5%

Grow Sales by Expanding Product Categories

Whether you’re driving innovation, branching into new categories, or collaborating with new designers and licensing partners, expansion can be tricky.

Visualize how new products and categories come together. With daVinci’s assortment planning solution, ensure what is imagined is delivered.

Expand Your Borders

As you broaden the scope of your customer base, you must consider the needs of each omnichannel, be it their demographic, cultural, or language preferences.

Lean on daVinci’s global and retail expertise. Our proven solution has been successfully implemented for clients globally. Regardless of whether you’re working in your home or foreign currencies, daVinci allows for multi-currency, multi-country setup.

Increase Productivity 25%

Increase Speed to Market

With fresh styles getting into to stores more frequently, the apparel sector is turning on its head. Retailers need to keep pace with customers’ expectations and competitors’ speed to market.

Shave 25% off the time it takes to create assortments. Streamline your business processes by eliminating time-consuming and error-prone data mining, copy and pasting into Excel spreadsheets, pivot table creation, and maintenance. Use the daVinci Hub to ensure real-time access to information when and where you need it.

Disciplined Inventory Management

Inventory is one of your biggest investments. Buying the wrong assortment leads to lower sales, overstocks, unnecessary markdowns, and slower inventory turn.

Getting your buys right has never been easier. daVinci’s dynamic buying tool enables merchants to tailor their assortments to meet customer demand and reduce markdowns. daVinci’s robust calculation engine cuts through the complexities of assortment planning to ensure each decision is reflected in the buy quantification.

Improve Processes

Manage Omni Channel Buying

With customers shopping online and using mobile devices more than ever, it’s imperative that your assortment supports their needs regardless of how they shop.

Plan your Omni Channel assortments with ease. daVinci provides visibility into all channels and inventory needs, giving merchants the ability to be omnichannel focused. daVinci empowers them to make buy decisions holistically, creating seamless shopping experiences.

Leverage Big Data to Guide Buying Decisions

With copious amounts of data, it’s hard to keep track of it all. “The desire to apply science to the volumes of data a business generates, trust that science, and rely on it to improve performance and profit.”*

Key less and think more. daVinci’s built-in business intelligence links to your data warehouse to guide agile, profitable buy decisions and convert big data into actionable insights.

Technology Investments

Paula Rosenblum of RSR recently noted that, “Too many retailers are lugging around a hodge-podge of old and new back-office systems that inhibit the merging of online and physical worlds. They are finally getting around to thinking about a refresh of basic systems, including core systems.”*

Support your strategic initiatives by buying right with the daVinci Assortment Planning application. Move from Excel or other weak tools to daVinci to:

  1. Improve the quality of your buys to increase profit.
  2. Key less and think more by eliminating redundancies and silos.
  3. Gain real-time, enterprise visibility to all stages of buying cycles.

Bring your strategic initiatives to life with a more channel-aware, customer-centric, and forecast-driven assortment planning solution »

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