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What is daVinci Buying?

daVinci Buying is a planning software for retail designed to eliminate individual spreadsheets on users’ desktops, which are error-prone and inaccessible to other parts of the organization. daVinci Buying is a collaborative platform that unifies all buy plans into a highly intuitive, merchant-centric cloud application, backed by a centralized enterprise database. daVinci’s retail management system provides visibility to open to buy and to the individual merchant level to any summary level to provide a 360o view of your business in real-time. daVinci Buying transforms the way retailers manage their buying process by improving efficiencies, so merchants can get back time to be merchants.

Improve buyer productivity by 25%

How much time do you spend importing, copying, pasting, and massaging data for management reporting every week?

One version of the truth

Studies show – 88% of all spreadsheets have errors. It’s not surprising. Just think, the overwritten formulas, data entry typos, inconsistent calculations, suspect data sources…

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Retail merchandise assortment planning solutions

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How to affect Change

Mitigate Risk

Change management in any organization is a concern. User adoption tops the list of reasons for failed system implementations.

Better Buy Decisions

Now that you know you can trust the numbers and eliminated the manual work with automatic integration, you can leverage our best practice analysis to make better decisions.

Retail Analytics 

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Buying software

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Agility is a Matter of Survival in the New Normal

Organization Agility

In today’s competitive retail landscape, the business reality is constantly changing. How quickly can your organization react to change?

“We have a solution in place that we’re confident will both enable and support our massive growth over the coming years.”

— Katie Gottilieb, Head of internal systems and process, Superbalist

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All of your buying information in one place

Track all your purchasing information in a single connected buy sheet.

Take control over purchase orders

Initiate purchase orders from within your buy sheet.

Additional Modules

Do more with less with DaVinci

daVinci’s data importer, size profile and vendor catalog all support daVinci’s mission of giving the merchant the tools they need to perform their job with efficiency.

Explore Additional Modules

Total visibility, anytime you want it

Leverage modern tech and best practices honed for over two decades.

Connect to your Strategic Financial Roadmap

Compliment your daVinci Buying solution with daVinci Merchandise Financial Planning to ensure the synchronicity of buy execution with the financial roadmap and constant visibility to your Open-to-Buy (OTB).

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