Part 1: buying smarter, faster, easier – simplify the complexity of omni assortment planning

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Merchants have typically bought assortments by product category, time period, and location. While this has worked well for retailers in the past, the Omni Channel is disrupting the effectiveness of these traditional buy methods. In Part One of our three‑part series, we’ll take a look at how to overcome this challenge by buying easier.

As customers shift their purchasing patterns, merchants need to buy like their customers do in order to become comfortable buying across multiple channels.

RSR’s Nikki Baird suggested, “The bottom line here is that merchandising is going to need to change. Retailers will either adapt or wither away when that change hits them. The answer is to plan by the customer, and then figure out which channel customers are most likely to use to buy each type of product.”*

To simplify the complexity of Omni Channel, customer-focused assortments, consider:

As the only assortment specialist in the industry, daVinci was the first to address how to simplify this complexity and make buying easier. We welcome the opportunity to discuss the Omni Channel assortment planning needs for daVinci and share how daVinci might help.

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