What is Merchandise Planning : Sales Forecasting-Open to buy

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Merchandise planning  is about

  1. Anticipating retail demand forecasting, then
  2. Planning your inventory, Open to buy, needs to meet that demand while
  3. satisfying the company’s Margin objectives – to maximize profit.

In this video training mini-series, we cover the basic concepts of retail math through workflow used in retail by-merchandise planning professionals.

Introduction to  Merchandise Planning (MFP)

Learn what is MFP, and why retailers need it.

For more resources and information about merchandise planning, check out our article on what is merchandise planning.

Additional e-book resources:

Now that you understand what MFP is, and why we need it. Let’s get started.

First up,

Anticipating Customer Demand

  • Retail sales forecasting
  • demand forecasting within a merchandise plan

Now that you understand the basics of how to plan for customer demand – with sales forecasting planning.

Next up

you can move on to plan the inventory needs to meet that need.

  • Open to buy planning
  • retail inventory control

Check out our inventory planning series here.

Leah Cook
Leah CookSr Retail Business Consultant, daVinci
Leah has over 20 years of experience in merchandise and assortment planning, buying and allocation in retail. Prior to joining daVinci, Leah served in various senior management roles at retailers including Walmart Canada, Danier Leather, and the Bentley/Agnew Group. She brings unique insights and experience having been a customer of daVinci, and now as the daVinci solutions consultant.
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