Introduction to Retail Merchandise Financial Planning (MFP)

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Merchandise Financial Planning at the most basic level is about

  1. anticipating customer demand, then
  2. planning your inventory needs to meet that demand while
  3. satisfying company’s financial objectives – to maximize profit.

In this video training mini series, we cover the basic concepts of retail math through workflow typically used in retail by merchandise financial planning professionals.

Introduction to MFP

Learn what is MFP, and why retailers need it.

For more resources and information about Merchandise Financial Planning, checkout our article on What is Merchandise Financial Planning?

Additional eBook resources:

Now that you understand what MFP is, and why we need it. Let’s get started.

First up,

Anticipating Customer Demand

Understand the basic steps of developing a sales plan

Now that you understand the basics of how to plan for customer demand – Sales Planning, you can move on to plan the inventory needs to meet that demand.

Check out our inventory planning series here.

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