What did you order too many of?

  • Different products in the grocery store
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A discount grocery store at a local mall in Toronto caught attention on Instagram for this sign asserting fries are on sale, and customers have Grant to thank for ordering too many.

It’s a fun way to advertise a discount of over 50% on frozen potatoes, but what if fashion retailers approached this problem in the same way? Would merchants be more cautious about the quantities they order if they risked seeing signs in stores advertising a “Stephanie Ordered Too Many Dresses Sale”?

This is the point we’re trying to make. The decisions made in your buying office directly affect the customer experience in stores, and your ability to earn a profit. Whether Grant ordered too many fries, or Stephanie ordered too many dresses, a deep discount is what it takes to clear out the excess merchandise.

We’re here to help you do a better job of matching your buy quantities to customer demand. All it takes is a more detailed calculation up front – before a purchase order is initiated – to do make sure you’re ordering the right quantity of products for each and every customer touchpoint.

If your team is guilty of causing a sale like this, daVinci can help. Get in touch and we’ll chat about how.

Connect with daVinci on Linkedin, Twitter and Facebook. Credit to @thedirtyduff on Instagram for sharing the image that inspired this post.

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