Message from Ning Chiu, CEO of daVinci Retail, on COVID-19

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As the coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to disrupt businesses and communities throughout the world, all of us at daVinci Retail would like to take this opportunity to reiterate our commitment to the health and safety of our customers, partners, employees, their families, and the entire retail community. We are facing unprecedented challenges right now as we manage through the deepening effects of this pandemic. Business travel is restricted, meeting and events are cancelled, and supply chains have weakened.

We are the taking all necessary steps to ensure reliable service and support to our customers and partners. We recognize you have entrusted us with your critical strategic applications that you will need now more than ever, and take this responsibility very seriously.

Availability of our services

daVinci Retail is uniquely positioned to help support your planning and re-planning activities as you enter into a time where supply chain and business disruptions are evolving rapidly. Please be assured that our suite of cloud applications will be available to you uninterrupted even as your work location may change. Customers utilizing our hosted services can expect our globally distributed infrastructure to continue to deliver the highest levels of resiliency and availability.

Availability of our teams

In response to COVID-19, we, like many organizations, have taken proactive containment measures. We have temporarily move to a fully remote work environment. Our connectivity and workforce productivity tools have been in use by our virtual employees for years. Now all our employees have secure and continuous access to our systems, data, and team members. We are here to serve you and are confident our service levels and productivity will not be impacted during this period.

Thank you for your business and trust. We recognize these are turbulent times for many people in our global community, and we want you to know that the entire daVinci team is working hard to ensure your planning applications will continue to be available and accessible to you when you need it.

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