MFP7: Performance Metrics in MFP

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Merchandise Financial Planning at the most basic level is about

  1. anticipating customer demand, then
  2. planning your inventory needs to meet that demand while
  3. satisfying company’s financial objectives – to maximize profit.

In this video training mini series, we continue the topic of inventory planning to cover some of the commonly used performance metrics used in merchandise financial planning.

Sales Performance Metrics

Learn about Stock to Sales ratios, Sell Through %, etc.

In addition to the Sales Performance metrics discussed in the last video, a number of inventory performance metrics are also used in MFP. Let’s have a look.

Inventory Performance Metrics

What is Weeks of Supply? or Inventory Turn?

Now that you understand the basics of how to plan for customer demand – Sales Planning, and how to planning your inventory to meet that demand, Let’s discuss margin planning.

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